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Jun 26, 2022
Category: General
Posted by: jaho

Saturday Ceroc and Salsa @ Kodenmacho (Ningyocho, Bakurocho, Bakuro Yokoyama area)

  • 7月23日 (第四土曜日) / Sat 23 July (4th Sat) - 7:30~ Studio JBA, Kodenma-cho, Tokyo
Jan 30, 2022
Category: schedule
Posted by: jaho

2022 Fixed dates - 決定日にち
Dance schedule for regular or fixed events (but always check on the main page)
ダンスの予定 (必ずトップページを確認ください)

Jul 19, 2011
Category: General
Posted by: jaho

Jive Motion in WIFM magazine!