Dance modern jive and ceroc in Yokohama and Tokyo Japan. Partner dance lessons and events. A fun way to meet new people - and get some exercise. Beginners welcome.

Modern jive, ceroc and Jive Motion

Modern jive (also known as ceroc) is a sexy blend of salsa and swing, but incorporates elements from many other dance styles, such as tango and rock'n'roll. It is the easiest partner dance to learn, with no complicated footwork, and you can dance modern jive to almost any kind of music, from pop to latino, club, swing, blues: anything that is good and has a good beat!

Modern jive is extremely popular in English-speaking countries, such as England, Australia, New Zealand, and also in Europe. In the UK, more than 50,000 people dance with one modern jive organisation each week, and in Sydney, Australia, more than 2,000.

Now modern jive has reached Japan!

Jive Motion is the modern jive organisation in Japan. If you want to learn and dance modern jive in Japan, then Jive Motion is the place.

There are free modern jive lessons and practice in Yokohama most weekends, and evening dance events, with lessons and DJ time in Tokyo, where you can learn and dance modern jive, meet people and have a great time.

At Jive Motion you will learn the basic 20 moves, then progress to more complex moves (there are more than 400!), with lots of time to practice to great music. You can come alone, with a partner or with a group of friends. No special clothes or shoes are necessary.

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