Jul 17, 2017

Dance at Yokosuka Base

8月12日(土) / Sat 12 August
Summer Fun - Dancing at Yokosuka Base
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Summer Fun

Dancing at Yokosuka Base - 横須賀の基地でModern Jive

8月12日(土) / Sat 12 August

Afternoon lesson at Kanazawa Hakkei, then dinner on the base and dancing at the Alliance Club.

(基地に入るための大事な情報は以下。 Important information on gaining access to the base below)

16:00 - 18:30
”ダンスフロアで自信持って、踊ろう” 特に男向け
Lesson at Kanazawa Hakkei. "Let's get the guys leading with confidence"

基地へ移動。 下車駅:汐入(京急線)
Move to the base (Station: Shioiri on Keikyu Line)

Club Allianceで夕飯 (食べるところは4つ)
Eat at one of the four eating places at Club Alliance

Take over the dance floor
(American top 40 music)

DJ time

(横須賀泊まり人もいる. Some people will get accommodation in Yokosuka)

注意 / Notes
- 円支払いはOK,おつりはドラー. Can pay in yen, change comes back in dollars
- 22時までは割とダンスフロアは静かなはずだから豊かなダンススペース。 Dance floor usually only gets busy from 22:00 - so lots of space to dance.

日本人にの注意 基地に入るための身分証明書は、a)住民基本台帳カード、またb)パスポート、またc)写真付きの個人番号カード(my number)。運転免許所だけで入れない。
詳しく: https://goo.gl/78t3W5

Important info on entry conditions to the base for Non-Japanese - you must show a gaijin/residence (在留カード) to gain entry (driver's licence is not accepted).