Where you can dance Jive Motion :: どこでジャイブ・モーション踊れるか

So you want to dance modern jive in Japan at Jive Motion? Here are the current venues in Tokyo and Yokohama.



Kanazawa Hakkei :: 金沢八景

Dance lessons at Kanazawa Hakkei are free. Why not come to Jive Motion and try modern jive?

From Shinagawa, Yokohama or Yokosuka Chuo, take a fast train on the Keikyu Line to Kanazawa Hakkei. The journey takes 12 minutes from Yokosuka Chuo, 20 minutes from Yokohama and 35 minutes from Shinagawa. If you need a map in English or more explanation, please . Please see below the map for more information on dancing at Kanazawa Hakkei.



八景での参加したい方は確認が必要です。ご了承ください。You MUST check to confirm before coming to Hakkei.


Important information :: 重要情報

The address for the dance studio is Yokohama-shi, Kanazawa-ku, Susaki-cho 6-8, Clio Kanazawa Hakkei Bayside Marina. The dance lessons and practice take place in the Seaside Lounge (1F). There is a vending machine, but there are no toilets on site. You must bring non-marking shoes (either dance shoes or office shoes) as it is wooden flooring. Some people dance in bare feet or socks. Because space is limited, you must to confirm your attendance. Please check the latest dance schedule for dates and times of dance lessons and practice at Kanazawa Hakkei