Why learn to dance modern jive?

Firstly, it's fun!

Partner dance is fun. You get to dance with lots of different partners, meet new people and learn something new. At Jive Motion the most important thing is for people to have fun and learn to dance at the same time.

The music is great! At Jive Motion we always use the best tunes from pop, club, latino, swing - anything with a good 4/4 rhythm.

It's easy!

Modern jive is the easiest partner dance to learn, with no difficult footwork. For girls, it's easy because the guy leads you. For guys, within about 6 lessons, you will feel confident enough to lead a girl for one song on the dance floor. Compare that with salsa, which probably takes 6 months. At Jive Motion, our aim is to have you dancing at least four moves by the end of a session. The guy can repeat those moves in any order when you are dancing free dance.

It's accessible!

At Jive Motion we want you to be dancing immediately. You do not have to have any special clothes or shoes. You can just turn up alone, with a partner or with a group of friends. There is no need to book and the sessions are designed so that you do not have to come every week. Of course, the more often you come, the quicker you will improve!

So many other reasons!

  • It's healthy! Not only is partner dancing fun, but it helps to keep you fit and supple. At the end of a session you will know that you have exercised.
  • It gives you confidence! You can learn to dance. When I was dining in a Middle Eastern restaurant, I was dragged up to to belly dance. Not only did I win a prize, but people asked me if I was learning belly dance. I am a guy and I have never, ever learnt belly dance!
  • It's an international passport! Modern jive is danced all over the world to almost any kind of music. If you go to countries like Australia, England, the US, New Zealand, Spain, China, Germany, you can instantly make friends and communicate.
  • It's a good basis for other dances! Once you have mastered the skill of how to lead or be led, and how to move your upper body, it's relatively easy to learn other dances such as salsa, swing or ballroom dances.
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