I want to dance!

What do I need?

You don't need anything. You can dance in any clothes but we recommend something loose and comfortable. It is helpful to have a small towel. You can dance in any shoes or sneakers, but it is much easier if your shoes are slightly slippery so that you can turn or spin more easily. Some dance venues may require dance shoes which will not mark or damage a wooden floor.

Where can I do it?

We have regular dance sessions at weekends at Kanazawa Hakkei between Yokohama and Yokosuka. Anyone can come to these sessions, and they are free. People come to them as a 'taster' to try Jive Motion for the first time, and to feel comfortable with the beginner moves. Others come to learn and improve intermediate moves. We also use Kanazawa Hakkei to try out new moves for the first time. Space is limited to 20 people at Kanazawa Hakkei so we ask you to confirm in advance.

For more details, please . Also please check out the dance schedule pages to check when we are dancing, and the venue page [link] to find out more about the venue.

Soon we will have regular large events in Tokyo and Yokohama. Watch this space!

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Other important information

  • Dancing is a form of exercise. You should check with your doctor if you are unsure about your fitness to dance.
  • Jive Motion is a members club, and we have a membership form for you to agree and sign. We may charge a small membership fee to cover costs.

We teach all moves safely and carefully to avoid injury. We cannot accept responsibility for any injury that you may suffer or if you injure your partner.

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Jul 30, 2019
Category: General
Posted by: jaho

JiveMotion at La Rumba, Ikebukuro

  • 8月13(火) / Tues 13 Aug ★ 19:30~
  • 8月27(火) / Tues 27 Aug ★ 19:30~
Jul 30, 2019
Category: General
Posted by: jaho

Sunday Morning Modern Jive @ 小伝馬町 (Kodenmacho) - Every 3rd Sunday / 第三日曜日

DATE CHANGE! 8月4(日) / Sun 4 August ★ 11:00~13:00 (1st Sun for August / 8月は第一)

Jul 30, 2019
Category: General
Posted by: jaho

Saturday Ceroc and Salsa @ Kodenmacho (Ningyocho, Bakurocho, Bakuro Yokoyama area)

  • 8月10(土) / Sat 10 Aug ★ 19:30~
  • 8月24(土) / Sat 24 Aug ★ 19:30~