I have never danced before!

Can I dance?

If you can walk, you can dance. Modern jive is easy to learn. At Jive Motion, we will teach you the 20 core beginner moves, and then you can progress to more complicated moves when you feel confident. At each session you will usually practice four beginner moves, so in 5 or 6 sessions, you will learn most of the beginner moves. In fact, many intermediate and advanced moves include elements of the core beginner moves so at Jive Motion, we will always review those moves.

At Jive Motion, we break down each move into its elements or beats and gradually teach you those elements. Most beginner moves are between 5 to 8 beats in length, and you will gradually put those beats together to make a whole move, giving you lots of chance to practise. Then we add another move. In one session, we will join those moves together to make a short routine, which you can then practise during free dance. Look at the video page to get an idea.

While you are practising, you will change partners frequently. This is because you improve quicker by dancing with a lot of other people.

What's it like?

Please have a look at our Jive Motion! pages to see pictures, movies and read comments [Link]

Alternatively, if you want to see other examples of modern jive throughout the world, please look on you tube using 'modern jive' as a search term.

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